1. What would I get if I win?
  2. Nothing.
  3. I have most of the stuff I want and all the stuff I need
  4. My family is fine
  5. Most of my friends are
    One just got a dope job offer yesterday
  6. And my taste is inexpensive
  7. I could say I'd travel more
  8. But @lgw are heading to Amsterdam anyhow(!)
  9. I guess all id really do is worry less
  10. And I'm in control of that
  11. Realistically, I'd probably worry more
  12. So I guess I should focus on what I do have
  13. All id really like to do is give it away
  14. And I can help people now, today, and tomorrow as-is
  15. I guess I'd like some new pants. And to clean my room. The second one is literally free
  16. Huh.
  17. This is the best $2 I ever spent