1. I made friends with a gang member (Bloods) after a rap battle.
    I assumed I could challenge anybody at Tufts and not get stabbed. Turns out, after friendship, that this was the coke dealer for a frat and a serious and actual gangster.
  2. I had my first kiss watching Zoolander and now am writing a book with John Hamburg who made it
    Two for two, which is nuts
  3. I once lost a student council election by exactly one vote when I cockily voted for my opponent
    I thought this was a cool, classy and tough guy move for some reason.
  4. I won an essay contest at 13 about what being Jewish meant to me in which I lifted much of my work from the Eminem song "Mosh."
    Michael Dukakis' wife was at the ceremony and spoke and Mom was excited