1. Adding a grain to a salad makes it an actual sustainable meal
  2. "Things could be better" is a blessing or a curse at different angles.
  3. You don't owe your grudges or problems mental loyalty. You can drop them- you'll pick them up later and be rested or...
    You'll have forgotten them entirely in which case problem solved
  4. All the best coffee shops are kind of the worst but all the most medium ones are kind of the best, hence chains.
  5. Ambition work better and more logically with calm self belief than panicked insecure desperation. Works happier, too.
  6. Stumble upwards in ambition and let the world stop you
  7. If you take something from a problem it was worth it. Find morals and lessons when you can.
  8. To strengthen a weaknesses is humbling work that makes you better- to polish a strength is the opposite but attractive
  9. Outsource to those who know more.