1. Don't worry about someone not liking you; decide you don't like them either.
    Do you know how relieved I was when I decided that I didn't like those who didn't like me? Not idyllic but so freeing. Not everyone has to like you because they suck; you aren't a dog beholden to need everyone's affection. You should, in fact, be resented by the lame. A high-five from someone wack should have you washing your hands
  2. Find where the big picture good and small picture good overlap
    Find immediate, stupid reasons to enjoy saving money or working out etc. Big moral reasons are so hard to act on; small personal enjoyment moves mountains
  3. Opt out of meanness or drama
    Never worth it. You can eat a sandwich instead of winning arguments in your head.
  4. Be very nice when you can
    It'll make you feel better. Be as savvy with personal karma as you would be with any other investment. If something is easy for you to do but would be appreciated, do it.
  5. Forgive yourself
  6. But plan big picture
    Forgive and fix. Forgive and alter. Forgive and recalibrate. Forgive and improve.