1. Experiment with List App by using it for a quasi personal, dry list I might hope to use personally
  2. Structure life more- it's been helpful in teaching and I should embrace growth in strategies, not fear them.
  3. Get index cards to structure Watch The Throne and the One Act
  4. Analyze own works for the essay. If not there? Manicure work.
  5. Keep cooking, focus on independent small ones and larger collaborative ones
  6. Decorate classrooms, remember Rafi likes physical evidence
  7. Find better sites to write for: somebody will want you.
  8. Learn to save money before obsessing to gain more. Learning skills will always be good, avarice always won't be.
  9. Go to Harvard book store and get some books.
  10. Related: read in bed more.
  11. Get that tea kettle. Make tea
  12. Find portable caffeine that isn't soda. You're bleeding $3 a day.
  13. Look into SF and LA tickets
  14. Jeremy owes you five bucks
  15. Split wise 30 for dinner with scott
  16. Invoice The Onion
  17. Check in on new sites
  18. Might as well get that TC money tho
  19. Structure life again.
  20. Be specific and better at prioritizing or structuring.
  21. Don't give floating anxiety a body. Allow yourself to be calm and exempt self from bullshit. Really.
  22. Come up with sample ljnchss
  23. Learn how to make a salad (and being that plus yogurt plus bread plus caffeine make eggs 2 meals for 8 bucks.)
  24. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to or about a stranger.
  25. Know you're getting better, always
  26. Survive ups and downs. Trust yourself and trust the system. Why worry?