1. Very different people who instantly get along
    Friendships (parks and rec, 30 rock) are the meat. Let's start at the good stuff- show us these wildly different pairs are interesting friends without the "lets get one thing clear..." Faux-tension bluff
  2. A dumb kid
    Kids are always so precocious in media and I think a fun subversion would be a kid who is vaguely dumb for his age- nice but dumb- and how everyone deals with it
  3. A pessimist happily being proven wrong
    "I'll be damned! You did save the town! This is great!"- a super endearing and unused way to add depth to a killjoy- make them giddy to be proved wrong: they aren't evil, they just had different ideas
  4. A character in medias res
    I want to see people in the middle of their lives, not just starting. No backstory or reveal. Speculation and gleaned observation.
  5. A character that's killed prematurely
    I hate when I know a character is going to die on shows like Game of Thrones and their plot is wrapped up. Let's see a character die and a side character have to pick up the quest. Surprise me with plot.
  6. Unabashedly badass
    No, not self aware parody like Adult Swim; I mean being so committed you risk absurdity. Did Arnold Swartzenager blow up a tank full of alligators with a bazooka in "The Eraser?" Yes. But it was unabashedly kick ass for twelve year old me. I don't want a creator who's hedging their bets and winking. Let's see authentic commitment to the unabashed pursuit of whatever, even action.