1. Hearty soups
    Autumn meal, winter snack, durable light summer lunch. Snacks make it a meal besides it. Holds over.
  2. South Park
    Occasionally genius, often very good, almost always good enough.
  3. Tangerines
    Snack pack oranges! What's not to love? Realistically we should all be obsessed with these
  4. Heelies
    If Kanye could make cool and functional modern heelies they'd sell for $1650 and we'd all be like "I can see it"
  5. Index Cards
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    Normcore and classic. So dope. Reminds me of @john's earlier list about perfect classics unless I dreamt up that list?
  6. Artisan Sodas
    So good but also made fun of. Why make fun of them? Have you had a spindrift blueberry soda? Angel tears.
  7. Hot Dogs
    Everyone worries about what's in them (I don't eat the ones with pork or pig casings), but they are an absolute good. Full of protein and flavor on their own, and you can top them with all kinds of goodness.
    Suggested by @EricElkins