1. I have a cabal of haters and they have matching robes
    More a hope than a belief
  2. There is not especially intelligent life on another planet
    Like, squirrel level aliens, tops. It would be a weird compromise between the amazing and the mundane.
  3. Cheerios is largely a ploy to sell Honey Nut Cheerios
  4. You can win a rap battle with annunciation and delivery
    Substantiated since I WIN BATTLES
  5. Eating gluten will help future humans evolve to eat it better
  6. Kids are WAY smarter than we think...
    And have much better senses of humor etc! They're bored in school because we don't challenge them! They misbehave because we pamper and don't give rules! They -love- to be treated with respect, even jokingly. They love playing older
  7. Cats are evil, dogs are good