1. Ayn Rand was probably autistic
    Obsessed with logic, no understanding of actual vs theoretical dialogue and deeply entrenched in technical stuff (including trains?) The unpopular angle is to use this to praise it as a very interesting piece of work and take on literature which it is, rather than politicize
  2. Tupac had it coming
    Hear me out; violently dissing everybody, including Biggie, Mobb Deep, later Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and more proved he wasn't satisfied with leaving things be. He needed a violent punctuation on his beef. He got it.
  3. Political allegiance is a bad indicator of morality
    Big picture, politics are very important. But small picture it's a narcissistic team-sport to sneer. An ex girlfriend is a conservative Christian who volunteers for LGBT homeless youth; a male feminist friend I know cheats on his girlfriends a bunch. Life is actions, not vocabulary.
  4. "Catcher In The Rye" sucks
    Checked it again just to be sure; still weak as hell. Bar none the shittiest classic
  5. Liking Kanye and Beyonce on social media doesn't make you interesting or not racist
    I'm tired of this emperor's new clothes hyperbole-off. Kanye makes amazing music, okay clothes, and that makes him cool and important but it's not on us to ~worship~ him for it.
  6. The Internet is overly based on speculation and is going to get smaller, not larger, as we adapt and adjust and the new car smell wears off
    Business wise. Makes more sense to invent and create, Elon Musk style. Too much seems tautological- making things to get eyes to watch ads to buy other things- and I think the shift will return a bit to the physical soon