What is your passionate expertise? However narrow it is, let us know!
  1. New Magic: The Gathering decks
    Myth Realized U/W tempo could have a killer matchup and transformational board! I've got a million ideas.
  2. Throwing Clay: the Healing Energy of an Imprecise Science
    Dual identity as a potter and as a scientist has taught me to view failure in both realms as complete, spectacular, beautiful, and curative. There is an imprecise science to pottery, and there is an imprecise artistry to science.
    Suggested by @emily_elizabeth
  3. Avoid or Embrace: How to Navigate San Francisco's Hills While Driving Stick-Shift
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    Features me pointing to an interactive map of the city, showing all of the hills with the highest grades. Also includes my five step plan to on how to avoid avoidance and how to embrace the challenge they present to you and your manual automobile. Sponsored by Google, the residents of Lombard Street, and Doctor Motors (the auto shop ft in the Princess Diaries)
    Suggested by @bwyatt
  4. Sex and the Black American Body
    Our relationship with sexuality is much different due to our history of trauma, exploitation and "other"-ing. I'd talk about our cultural impact as sexualized beings in America, our history and how it still prevails in covert ways, and how intersectionality would greatly improve sex-positive and sex-critical movements.
    Suggested by @olive
  5. Soybean leaf proteomics and the long-term effects of global warming on crops
    It's not going to be the most dazzling talk of the day BUT it's good stuff I swear
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  6. Accepting differences instead of shunning
    I can't say I'm in the special education field, but I've had experience in the classroom while becoming a teacher, and I can honestly say that the classrooms that made a lasting impression on me and was an impressive learning environment had students from all backgrounds and learning ability and each child was praised for their differences and everyone was made to be an individual but the classroom was still a community. I also think it could be applied outside the classroom, maybe.
    Suggested by @libby92
  7. The key to liking everyone (and getting everyone to like you back)
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  8. how in the past two years car insurance commercials have become overly self-referential
    what does this say about us? and what does it say about the genre?
    Suggested by @PatrickCleary
  9. The transformative power of choral music
    Making music with other people is one of the most beautifully vulnerable, human things we can do. In my view it's one of the most reliable, tangible ways to fight violence and chaos in the world - with unified order and beauty. There are two amazing things about choral music in particular: centuries of meaningful texts, and the fact that nearly everyone can participate. It's crucial that we keep it alive in our schools, churches, and communities.
    Suggested by @jennyanydots
  10. What I've learned from all my hobbies, and how they've improved my life.
    A partial list of hobbies I've been very into at different points in my life: Rubik's Cube; Juggling; Unicycles; Making Steel Drums; Baking; Juggling again; Writing; Making Crappy Home Movies; Reading; Roasting Coffee At Home; Exercise; Juggling yet again; Rubik's Cube again; even more Unicycles....
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  11. Majorly minor: How contemporary pop music went from sounding like Happy Birthday to sounding like Darth Vader's theme song over the course of a century, and further explorations of harmony and dissonance
    Suggested by @jesseno