I used to rap a lot and rap battle occasionally. This is what I've learned. @ingridnilsen, good luck out there
  1. Never self-deprecate your rhymes
    Miss a rhyme? Stumble? Never reference it! A rookie mistake is to comment on it in the freestyle.
  2. Annunciate
    Maybe the most important thing is to be heard. I once won a battle against a talented an vicious DC rapper because the crowd couldn't hear him- I slowed my flow, annunciated, and won by default
  3. Good Sportsmanship
    Don't talk about their mother or threaten them because you're either A: not about that life or B: probably going to see them later on the circut. Don't court problems. Be respectful as you can
  4. Smile
    People loveeeee to stone-face when people diss them. I don't. I smile if it's good, nod or laugh if it's funny and go with the flow. It counterintuitively throws them off their game and the audience assumes the other rapper isn't as tough or good if you're like "yeah, solid job." Damn with faint, kind praise
  5. People love references
    "You ain't shit to us/ mean girls, bitch- you can't sit with us" brought the fucking house down. Lyrical is fine. Please the crowd.
  6. They know you're white, calm down
    Don't reference it and don't retort when a battler brings it up. It's not interesting. If that what they're using you're going to win if you....
  7. Stay specific and grounded
    No generic stuff, no pre-writtens. I like to reference their weakest rhymes or disses. Proves you're fresh and gives you material to use which is ~crucial.~ If they called you McLovin, hypothetically, and you spin to say their flow is Super Bad you just twisted a win
  8. Always go second
    Always. Huge advantage.