This may not be universal but eh.
  1. Can you do computers? You're rich! Can't? You're poor!
    Things my develop over time but for now it's jarring and unpleasant.
  2. You're unevenly made
    I cook and clean at a teenage level, but am good at dating and personally intuitive and hopefully on par for my career but where's the money etc etc.
  3. This all would be a lot more fun with more security that it will end.
    This will all seem great in retrospect, removed from anxiety. But in the moment it feels weird and potentially permenent.
  4. You're about two years or three from peak attractiveness and you know it
    I promise I'll figure out style
  5. You can't date anyone older or younger.
    Very small window. You can't date a college girl; weird. And no actual human woman 25 or older is interested in your incomplete self. No resentment, just observation.
  6. Cultural markers are invasive
    Better have the right politics and TV shows, motherfucker. It can feel limited and exhausting, not to mention strangely competitive.
  7. Too old to binge drink constantly, too poor and boring to have other hobbies.
    Netflix? Netflix.
  8. You're self absorbed because it's the only thing you can speak about with authority.