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  1. Cheers
    So good! So, so good! Friendly smart kind and funny, not to mention long. It will last you.
  2. Peep Show
    Obscure British comedy. Dark, awkward, unlikeable genius. A favorite.
  3. The West Wing
    It's comforting to watch really smart people try to solve problems. Also, Dulè Hill.
    Suggested by @aniko
  4. Frank
    Very clever and original comedy drama. Recommended for those interested in indie music scene and/or the creative process
    Suggested by @TheWork
  5. Grace and Frankie
    I should say I'll watch Sam Waterston is anything though. Narcos is also good.
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  6. Bloodline
    Suggested by @julieb
  7. Freaks and Geeks
    Normal people having a normal teenage-hood in the perfectly captures early-80s. Plus, early Judd Apatow and before-they-were-famous James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel.
    Suggested by @leahgayle
  8. The IT Crowd
    Very smart comedy about an IT department. Classic but brilliant sitcom.
    Suggested by @nalivodka
  9. Narcos
    I just started this and it's pretty good!
    Suggested by @sippey
  10. The Killing
    Suggested by @noora
  11. "Fixer Upper"
    By far the greatest contribution to mankind given to us by HGTV. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the actual business.
    Suggested by @klrosenb
  12. Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
    All of them. Then rewatch your favorites a million times especially when you need to be pumped up.
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  13. Friday Night Lights
    Sports and bromance for the guys, relationships and Tim Riggins for the girls. Texas Forever.
    Suggested by @jenward
  14. Peaky Blinders
    So cleverly written, so well-acted. Have generally found watching it to be worth some cool points in social situations.
    Suggested by @jessicaevekennedy
  15. Rectify
    Such an underrated show. Pretty awesome.
    Suggested by @ourprintscharming
  16. Murder, She Wrote
    Because Jessica Fletcher is not the one and she can see right through your lies and foolishness. Plus Maine scenery and cozy sweaters.
    Suggested by @shanaz
  17. Arrested Development
    It's the best. Insanely smart and funny. Gone too soon.
    Suggested by @p
  18. Sense8
    Suggested by @GratefullyAware
  19. Happy Valley
    Heart-pounding; well-plotted; feminist; British; infinitely lovable. 6 hourlong episodes, over before you know it. WIYL: Fargo, Broadchurch, SVU
    Suggested by @agard
  20. The Thick of It
    Like Veep but British, with more cursing and it came first.
    Suggested by @egkeller
  21. Short Term 12
    If you're looking for a great movie that you've never heard of that will make you feel something.
    Suggested by @nataliepalter
  22. Mind of a Chef and Chef's Table
    Watch funny, creative, thoughtful people make food through the medium of artful editing and camerawork.
    Suggested by @zkamenetz
  23. The Fall
    Dark and twisty. Irish accents. Beautiful people. What could be better?
    Suggested by @ciiishep
  24. Keith Richards: Under the Influence
    Suggested by @13spencer
  25. Black mirror
    Suggested by @samantharonson
  26. Undeclared
    The spunky college version of Freaks & Geeks
    Suggested by @devinbarbaro
  27. Twin Peaks
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    Suggested by @natrparker
  28. Derek
    Ricky Gervais' perfectly sweet and thoughtful comedy series that will make your heart smile. Good for when you want to laugh and cry happy tears. And Gervais is brilliant as lead, Derek
    Suggested by @jyoti
  29. Psych
    More Dulé Hill and funny/sometimes scary shenanigans
    Suggested by @LauraM
  30. House of Cards
    For Kevin Spacey being the most Kevin Spacey he's ever been.
    Suggested by @CoolStoryKlo
  31. Community
    Suggested by @CoolStoryKlo
  32. Broadchurch
    Binge perfect length of 8 episodes, murder mystery that had me suspecting the entire town. Incredible acting, setting, and soundtrack. (Fun fact - it was filmed in sequence. Not even the actors knew the killer until the final episode)
    Suggested by @brrosenau
  33. Daredevil
    Suggested by @ashlee
  34. Mr Robot
    Suggested by @joshy
  35. Person of Interest
    Suggested by @daniel
  36. White Collar
    You'll learn how to rob a museum.
    Suggested by @klapeyre
  37. Gilmore Girls
    Lauren Graham. Fast talking. Literary references. Lauren Graham. Just a few of my favorite things.
    Suggested by @ytzipori
  38. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
    Strong female lead, action, romance, Australian accents, and the best wardrobe I've ever seen.
    Suggested by @mayasf
  39. Wet Hot American Summer (the movie and the show)
    Suggested by @ChrisKennedy
  40. The Road Within
    Movie. Three young adults escape their progressive mental health facility and go on a road trip. I skimmed and picked it randomly because it has Nathan from misfits as the lead. I really really enjoyed this movie.
    Suggested by @e
  41. The One I Love
    Suggested by @czarinalim
  42. Welcome To Me
    Suggested by @carlywalsh
  43. United States of Tara
    Suggested by @oh_goodlord
  44. The InBetweeners
    Like a British Superbad. Love hearing all the slang.
    Suggested by @SarahJane
  45. How to get away with Murder
    Suggested by @kylab
  46. 30 Rock & Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Can't go wrong with Tina Fey
    Suggested by @adamroberts
  47. Jane the Virgin
    has a bunch of stellar women and totally wild storylines made believable by grounded, three-dimensional characters, stars very possibly the hottest man in the entire universe
    Suggested by @kellym
  48. I Think We're Alone Now
    I am an avid watcher of character-driven documentaries, and this is my favorite one on Netflix. It follows two of Tiffany (the 80's popstar)'s stalkers. I swear it's much better than I'm making it sound.
    Suggested by @AsaAkira
  49. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    I like shows with lots of yelling and poop jokes. This show has both.
    Suggested by @nataliepalter
  50. Scrotal Recall
    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have to explain to your friends that the show is way better than the title lets on
    Suggested by @cindy112
  51. Parks and Recreation
    Come for Amy Poehler, stay for literally everyone in the cast.
    Suggested by @ericalawton
  52. W1A
    Suggested by @evandroletcook
  53. Twin peaks
    Because damn good coffee, and very nice albeit corrupt families, oh also everyone's having an affair with eachother
    Suggested by @raquel
  54. Bates Motel
    Because it just adds to the creepiness of the original movie 'psycho' and shows that the craziness runs in the whole town!
    Suggested by @sempala
  55. Sons of Anarchy
    Have you seen Charlie Hunnam!?
    Suggested by @Jordan_Elizabeth
  56. The Giant Mechanical Man
    Chris Messina and Jenna Fischer work at a zoo together. It feels good for the soul.
    Suggested by @babystevens
  57. IZombie
    I know how it sounds but it's actually quite good!
    Suggested by @bestofnicolemarie
  58. Friends.
    Who doesn't like friends?
    Suggested by @mattyice217
  59. Luther
    Because Idris Elba.
    Suggested by @ktchristmas
  60. Mad Men
    Suggested by @sanakhan
  61. The Larry Sanders Show -- brillarious, cutting edge humor, incredible cast, Judd Apatow cut his director teeth here (writing/producing dream)
    Suggested by @neva
  62. Columbo, because Peter Falk was fabulous and... "one more thing"
    Suggested by @neva
  63. Romantics Anonymous!!
    Suggested by @WSPR
  64. The Great British Baking Show
    Aka The Great British Bakeoff. You will not be disappointed!
    Suggested by @annepdxsnail
  65. The Fall
    Suggested by @PhilsPhan13
  66. Arrow and The Flash
    Shows from The CW aren't supposed to be this good/action-packed/ well-written/well-acted/full of movie quality special effects.
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  67. The Coywolf
    Suggested by @jonathanpaulkatz
  68. I second iZombie.
    I miss Veronica Mars
    Suggested by @ebsquared
  69. The 100
    Teenagers born in space return to Earth.
    Suggested by @randi
  70. Gideon's Army
    Vital documentary about the heroism of public defenders and the inequities of the justice system.
    Suggested by @alexlitel
  71. Cutthroat Kitchen
    It's like chopped but evil
    Suggested by @anniepebbles
  72. Lilyhammer
    Ex-mafia member from America gets a new identity and moves to Lilyhammer in Norway. If you need a good laugh this is the series to watch
    Suggested by @DanielaM
  73. Scrotal Recall
    the show you'll be saying is "so much better than its title, I swear"
    Suggested by @liz0124