Inspired by @jesseno who pointed out every basic bottle of water should totally just cost $1. This is my baseline price for what, in a perfect and fair world, these things should cost. In the real world, less is great, more is eh.
  1. A bottle of water
  2. A non-chain donut
  3. An iced coffee
  4. A large iced coffee
  5. A cheap beer at a bar
  6. A good beer at a bar, such as Ballast Point Sculpin
  7. A good pair of socks with a cute pattern
  8. A no-frills black beanie of good quality
  9. Gasoline
    $3.09 a gallon.
  10. Medium ice cream cone with sprinkles
  11. An upscale burger with fries
  12. That same burger if it's really great
  13. Using a restroom
    Free without purchase. Social pressure is enough
  14. Twitter
    $0.99 a year