Picture if you have it!
  1. First one I remember was breakfast food with my gr 3 crew. I was French toast 🍞
    Suggested by   @kellydehoop
  2. An angel
    My mom made the costume (and the me)
    Suggested by   @furtadomf
  3. a pink fluffy princess 👑
    (check out the old Diet Coke can on the side table)
    Suggested by   @alexandra
  4. I dressed up as a ballerina in the great Halloween Blizzard of '91! It was my third Halloween but I don't know what I was for my first two. I was a ballerina. So basically in a giant snowsuit with a tutu over my costume. I don't have any pictures with me right now :( ☃
    Suggested by   @evak
  5. I'm the wizard that must have put a spell on my crying cousin.
    Suggested by   @applesarahgate
  6. Blue fairy princess
    Second Halloween. First one I was newborn and not dressed up. Apparently.
    Suggested by   @annalara
  7. A clown!
    I have absolutely no recollection of this moment
    Suggested by   @alishakurji
  8. An amalgamation of Marx brothers.
    Suggested by   @Yeahimo
  9. Cow bc cows are awesome & my mom thinks cow related products are cool.
    Suggested by   @tobibehar
  10. The first one I remember is a Ballerina, and I still have my crown!
    Suggested by   @krissybell76
  11. A joint costume with my brother-I think we're native Americans? I'm giving of subtle Renaissance baby vibes
    Suggested by   @mkschulz
  12. This is me as Hannah Montana
    Suggested by   @jacqueline
  13. I was supposed to be a princess.
    Instead I was a diva.
    Suggested by   @jacqueline
  14. A mortified Dorothy Gale.
    Suggested by   @_janjan
  15. Bunny! Recycled for my brother a few years later...
    Suggested by   @sschenk
  16. Halloween is just now catching on, here, so this year was my first! I had to dress up for work. I was a witch, although when my head got hot and I took off my hat, I was apparently Morticia Addams.
    Suggested by   @kaitmaree