1. Meek and Drake have an odd, mostly positive history
    Drake helped Meek Mill countless times. He let Meek Mill open for him, and Drake featured on Meek's first hit.
  2. If you look deep at Meek's career, you'll see he's been after Drake a while
    His freestyles are almost exclusively Drake instrumentals: an odd pick.
  3. Meek is known for flying off the handle
    He dissed Wale, his own label-mate on Twitter pretty intensely. Odd unthought out style in beef.
  4. Meek Mill claimed that Drake used a ghostwriter for his verse on "RICO"
    Later "reference tracks" of Quinten Miller performing earlier Drake tracks would emerge lending credibility to this argument
  5. Meek Mill is dating Nicki Minaj
    Nicki is a much bigger star and a very close friend of Drake's. Basic speculation has been employed as to how this effects.
  6. Drake dissed Meek promptly
    With the song "charged up."
  7. Meek said he was going to respond
  8. He didn't
  9. Drake dropped a ~second~ diss called "back to back."
    It was hot.
  10. Meek's response was whack.
  11. Meek completely botched his shot: given that Meek's rep was the tough guy, snitching on Twitter and losing a diss war to Wheelchair Jimmy is brutal
  12. Meek Mill may have been weakened by prior beef.
    He dissed Kendrick post "control", went multiple songs against Cassidy, and just had the thing with Wale.
  13. The consensus is that Drake won.
  14. And that's the story.