Some of my lists are gloomy. This isn't that.
  1. I'm in my zone socially
    Sometimes I will truly get a performers high from just being so enjoyable and enjoying too- with friends, family, at a party or even teaching. It's the best.
  2. Ideas come to me
    The flip side of yesterday's wasted day I have epiphanies about work, life, art and business ideas. Solved a novel structure problem in the shower, had a business idea, realized I can help produce some talented friends and help their work and take a slice of credit
  3. I feel at peace
    It's not a fake mania; it's like gloom is dusted off and I see all the good things clearly and truly. Like my chi has been unlocked
  4. Fairh, confidence, and the smallest whiff of spiritual joy and loving
    It's good
  5. Gratitude and energy