Add your names here, meet each other, and join this wonderful community in earnest.
  1. Stumbled upon @list after stumbling upon @bjnovak 's ep of the Tim Ferriss podcast. Great interview and intriguing app and community. Glad to be a part of it.
    Suggested by @JoelTheWriter
  2. I've been reading lists shared on @bjnovak's FB page for a while. I decided to download the app and see what it was really about. Instantly hooked. But just by the context but the community of people here.
    Suggested by @corksnreads
  3. Hi! I want to get to know all of the readers on this app! Definitely want to use this place to encourage people to read. And then encourage people to talk about what they've read.
    Suggested by @ReadingChallenge
  4. For two months this Friday, I've read about the funny, the sad, and definitely the human things people want to share with one another. And I've shared, too.
    I thank @Bourdain for reposting his list about having a meal with President Obama. The platform was new to me, and from there, I kept looking for more information and joined almost immediately. Thank you, all. This is a special place as are the Listers.
    Suggested by @chacal
  5. New today! Also heard about the app on the Tim Ferriss podcast with @bjnovak and canal ready tell I'm about to get hooked.
    Suggested by @melissaklaeb
  6. Been reading lists since the app came out and have the utmost respect for those who post! i have been writing my own and finally have found the courage to upload some of them!
    Suggested by @jshenefield92
  7. Saw BJ post on Instagram. Hooked!
    Suggested by @eileenawolter
  8. I just really like everything @bjnovak does and I can't believe I didn't download this app sooner.
    Suggested by @katchula