Maybe I just love it to love it but here are the perks
  1. For six months, I have something to talk to random dudes about
    Barbers, uber drivers and bartenders are always down to talk about the Red Sox
  2. No pressure to actually watch
  3. But 162 games you ~could~ watch
    Talk about a good deal. No pressure, all gentle upside
  4. Always storylines and things to check
    I play Fantasy baseball so basically I check every game for every team every night. It's a problem but it's fun
  5. Boston rewards passion
    This is where I pay the dues of my heart. This is how my citizenship has been earned. Tears, cheers, boos and brews. And I love it.
  6. Again- Boston.
    Being a baseball fan in Boston is like being a croissant fan in France. Helllllll yeah. This is the ideal place and circumstance. Other nominees include Chicago and perhaps Philadelphia for hardcore fandom but here we're rewarded.
  7. Fenway Park is gorgeous and amazing to be at