1. It's not about listicles
    This isn't an insult to Buzzfeed (who are now members as well) but a reminder that the list has been wrongly pigeonholed as a specific, click-inducing medium where quality dives towards our baser impulses. That's not what these are. The people here are personal, thoughtful and invested. They aren't recruiting you for ads; these are souls and minds shining through. It's worth a peek.
  2. It's harder to be mean
    The barrier of entry is higher here. There's a barrier of effort that gets rewarded. You have to care a little to post and this format rewards thoroughness and honesty while protecting its users. It's harder to list cruelty and bad intentions
  3. It's structured for deeper thought
    Twitter is for one-celled organisms. The List App is something more interconnected and broader. Who knows how it will evolve but the potential for something more should excite you.
  4. There's so much good stuff here
    Again; List App takes more effort. Even if it's too much effort for you to post, the posts of others are more thorough than 140 characters could hope to be. From the useful lists on restaurants to the objective ranking of rappers to the quirky lists of crazy-gross retro recipes there's a world to get lost in
  5. It's not content
    I hate the word content. It's so intentionally dystopian and it divorces love, art, or purpose from anything written. It's a cynical commercial word for a snarky world where getting fucked over and dumbed down is expected. This isn't that. People care. This is a space and community closer to tumblr than it is to sidebar click bait of TWELVE UGLY BABIES.
  6. The joy of discovery
    Breathe deep and read the lists of people who care and create for its own sake. It's distinct and refreshing.