A ListApp game attempt for @bjnovak based on the game introduced or invented by @john. Please list the numbers you'd watch and make your own!
  1. Spaghetti!
    A romantic comedy by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino plays the romantic lead.
  2. The Smurfs 4: Smurfs Up!
    The smurfs go surfing. Four and a half hours. But! I executive produced and wrote parts. Also voiced Rapping Smurf who rhymes Smurf with Smurf (a good idea!) Would you watch it for me or take your chances using the AV Club's D+ for Cliff's Notes?
  3. Paint Drying
    Morgan Freeman and Chrisoph Waltz narrate paint drying for 78 minutes. There is a score by Tarantino
  4. The Jetsons movie
    Directed and produced by Kanye West. Written by Kanye West. Tickets are a hundred dollars.
  5. Afghanistan
    Everyone insists this is Michael Moore's masterpiece, but do you have the energy?
  6. untitled
    Tim Burton has a gorgeous animated movie exclusively in French with no subtitles.
  7. Larry The Cable Guy 4: Son Larry
    There is five minutes of previously unseen Marlon Brando footage in this movie
  8. Your Favorite Book
    They made a movie of your favorite book! The AV Club gave it a C+, and it's playing at your favorite local theatre. You know nothing else. Do you risk the purity of the book? Or do you think loving the book will help you savor the movie?