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Take it for what you will
  1. You Me At Six
    My favorite song by them is 'If I Lived A Lie'
  2. Tep No
    Their newest video just got published today
  3. G-Eazy
    He's not new but I love his rendition of 'Run Around Sue'
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Well seeing as this was requested of me here we go
  1. Friggin hilarious
    Or so I am very inclined to think
  2. Forever never understanding these young whipper snappers
    Never mind that I'm in the same generation as them haha
  3. Music is my life
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  1. I am a queen when it comes to actual productive lists
    You need a to-do list for chores or a project? This girl has you covered.
  2. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to causal humorous lists like these
  3. What if I'm not as friggin hilarious as I think I am?
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