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Interestingly, also ranked in reverse order of how much my fiancée likes to play them
  1. Cards Against Humanity
    Fun enough but I feel like it just kind of turns into just the same joke every time.
  2. Settlers of Catan
    Fun. A little simple I guess. But I enjoy it. It just gets people weirdly aggressive for such a silly little game.
  3. Ticket to Ride
    Beats out Catan only because the fact that it's a train game is so silly.
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Aka: all of my worries and nightmares from an entire year of teaching, compacted into one day
  1. I hope I taught them enough
    Its no secret these kids are smarter than me. I wanted to take AP physics when I was in high school but decided I was never going to do anything with it so I didn't. Turns out it's my job now. But they KNOW they want to do science the rest of their like. They're monster smart, when they want to be. I just want to have lived up to what they deserve.
  2. I hope they all know where to go and when to be there
    I've had it on the bulletin board all year. Then again, class is in the same room at the same time every day, and they can never seem to make it to that consistently. I can just so clearly a kid sitting in the wrong room an hour late being like "hmm, where is everybody"
  3. I hope nobody falls asleep
    At least try! Even if you don't think you'll do well. You'll do bette than doing nothing!
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Based on rules my parents had for us when I was a kid.
  1. 1.
    Plesant & Polite
    Just be a nice person. Additionally, avoid being a dick.
  2. 2.
    Don't Push Yourself Up By Putting Other People Down
    Specifically, be a nice person to other people. Like yourself because you're you. Not because you're better than others people.
  3. 3.
    Take All You Want, Eat All You Take
    Not just for food. In life in general. Make your own decisions. Then own them.
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