Board Games Ranked in Order of How Much I Like to Play Them

Interestingly, also ranked in reverse order of how much my fiancée likes to play them
  1. Cards Against Humanity
    Fun enough but I feel like it just kind of turns into just the same joke every time.
  2. Settlers of Catan
    Fun. A little simple I guess. But I enjoy it. It just gets people weirdly aggressive for such a silly little game.
  3. Ticket to Ride
    Beats out Catan only because the fact that it's a train game is so silly.
  4. Fluxx
    Hits a nostalgic sweet spot for me. Can't fight that. Just ask Don Draper.
  5. Munchkin
    Have all the classic expansions. Really like playing this game to level 20. Fun if everyone is invested in it.
  6. Small World
    Such great replay value. Never played the same game twice with this one.
  7. Terra Mystica
    So many mechanics. Such a beautiful game. Just hands down amazing.
  8. Eldrich Horror
    Love this game. Can't even explain why. Love the story telling. Love the theme. Just so much fun.
  9. Twilight Struggle
    Best two player game ever. But only two player. So can't take top prize.
  10. Duengons and Dragons
    Will there ever be another king? I don't care how many people complain about how it changes from version to version. It will always be the most fun you can have sitting around a table with your friends.