Thoughts I'm Having While My Students Take Their AP Test

Aka: all of my worries and nightmares from an entire year of teaching, compacted into one day
  1. I hope I taught them enough
    Its no secret these kids are smarter than me. I wanted to take AP physics when I was in high school but decided I was never going to do anything with it so I didn't. Turns out it's my job now. But they KNOW they want to do science the rest of their like. They're monster smart, when they want to be. I just want to have lived up to what they deserve.
  2. I hope they all know where to go and when to be there
    I've had it on the bulletin board all year. Then again, class is in the same room at the same time every day, and they can never seem to make it to that consistently. I can just so clearly a kid sitting in the wrong room an hour late being like "hmm, where is everybody"
  3. I hope nobody falls asleep
    At least try! Even if you don't think you'll do well. You'll do bette than doing nothing!
  4. I hope the kids who are always late or skip class actually show up and on time today
    Seriously! Gym. Today. Noon. I've said it like a million times this year. Please please please don't be late.
  5. I hope they feel prepared
    I just don't want to be the teacher who "didn't teach us any of this!"
  6. I hope they know this isn't that big a deal
    It's just a test. It's just a test. Am I telling them or me? I'm not sure anymore.