This is my pain free guide to Xmas shopping. What can I say, I am organised. It's probably the librarian in me!
  1. January
    Buy cards, gift tags, ribbons, bows and wrapping paper for half price in the sales.
  2. February - October
    Snap up gifts you know people will like as and when you see them, and especially while travelling. Hide them away until required.
  3. October
    Update lists of who gets what and who is on the Xmas card list.
  4. November
    Write cards and enclosed personal messages (avoiding the ghastly generic round robin updates). Wrap and label presents.
  5. December 1st
    Buy Xmas stamps (with a sharp intake of breath when you hear the price). Resolve to prune the list next year! Post everything.
  6. December 2nd
    Sit back with smug face and watch everyone else panicking!! 😀😀