Yesterday, 22nd June, was my birthday. On the cusp of Gemini & Cancer (but mostly displaying crab like tendencies) I think it's the best time to have a birthday, as a kid I loved the fact that I was never more than 6 months from a bunch of presents! Here are some rather awesome others who share(d) the same day. Why not check out who shares yours?
  1. Jo Cox (MP)
    The Yorkshire MP who so tragically died last week whilst doing her job
  2. Dan Brown
    Bestselling author of the Da Vinci Code
  3. Esther Rantzen
    Broadcaster and founder of the children's charity Childline
  4. Meryl Streep
    Fabulous award winning actress
  5. Arthur Wynne 1871-1945
    No, I never heard of him either but apparently he invented the crossword puzzle. Great pub quiz question!