Maybe I have a rubbish phone (though it's fine with other social media) or maybe it's because I'm on Android, but I'm finding it too buggy to use. I love the concept, and reading other people's posts, but this is why I'm not listing much yet..
  1. Can't type a whole sentence in one go 😡
    After about a dozen words it chucks me out. Have to tap every darned spot on the screen to get the keyboard to reappear. If I hesitate for a second the keyboard is gone again. This is so frustrating and it takes forever to compose a list.
  2. Can't add pictures 😩
    I select the picture I want and pffft, List closes, restarts and I'm back on the home page. Lists are so much better with pictures and I've lots I'd love to share.
  3. Waiting for support 😊
    The link from the app doesn't work. I have emailed support and they're on the case. I really hope they can help cos I'd love to be able to join in...
  4. Watch this space 😀