One of the best trips I ever did was to the fabulous Namibia. It is Africa's best kept secret. Sorry the photos aren't mine ( won't let me post my own) but I do have many similar to these.
  1. The people
    The people are friendly but not overly so. Unlike most of Africa, as a female traveller you can walk around on your own safely and without being hassled.
  2. Vast empty landscapes
    It is a huge country with a very small population, you can drive all day and hardly see another car on the road. Yet the roads are good, service areas are clean and the scenery stunning.
  3. The Kalahari
    Namibia has not just one but two deserts, the Kalahari in the East is mostly scrubland harbouring plenty of wildlife.
  4. The Namib
    By contrast the Namib is all sand dunes and feels dead, although there are creatures lurking in places.
  5. The Skeleton coast
    The Atlantic pounds the long coastline, which is still littered with wrecked ships and a huge seal colony at Cape Cross.
  6. Strange vegetation
    Some of the oldest plants in the world manage to survive the harsh conditions.
  7. Cute creatures
    As well as the big five the place is riddled with meerkats.
  8. Colonial heritage
    Namibia was a Germany colony. They did some unspeakable things there but also left a European architectural legacy.
  9. Fish River Canyon
    I've never seen the Grand Canyon but this was pretty impressive, and no tourists to be seen.
  10. Etosha
    The jewel in the crown, situated on the edge of a great salt pan, Etosha National Park is simply teeming with wildlife. I saw more game in one afternoon than in three days in South Africa's Kruger, and there are less tourists so you get it all to yourself 😍