Wish list

If I had a billion dollars in shopping money, I'd buy...
  1. Decoration to hang from car rearview mirror
  2. Booties (preferably tan or orangish brown color or reddish brown)
    SMALL heel
  3. Capris (without holes)
  4. Maroon converse
    High top and low
  5. Red converse
    High top and low
  6. Electric blue converse
    High top and low
  7. Non-bulky combat boots
  8. Jeans with holes
    Black, regular, and light
  9. High-waisted jeans
  10. Dark and really light
  11. Slips to go under dresses and skirts
  12. Long sleeve black cardigan
  13. Silver ball stud earrings
  14. Purse (kinda fancy)
  15. Lip stick (Lancôme rosa ambrosia)
  16. Binge shopping trip at Madewell
  17. Binge shopping trip at Nina's Boutique
  18. No crease hair ties
  19. Sweatpants
  20. Light brown/tanish Orange leather jacket
  21. Hat
    One floppy hat
  22. Insta mini camera (light blue)
  23. Good under eye concealer
  24. Winter tops
  25. Lip liners
    Red and maroon
  26. The high top vans that are slightly puffy
    Black with blue top part
  27. Cute license plate frame
  28. Plaid shirts with lace at the bottom, at the pocket, and at the sleeves
  29. Plaid shirt that had a peplum (but was still loose shirt)
  30. Face cleansing brush
  31. Good acne prevention stuff
  32. Beanies
    Neutral colors
  33. Shirts to go with fur vest
  34. Button up orangish tan corduroy skirt
  35. Black leather jacket
  36. Tops to go with gray tribal sweater cardigan
  37. Flowy peplum tops
  38. Flowy tribal pants
  39. Sunflower leggings
  40. UT apparel
  41. Sweaters
    Preferably some that have elbow patches
  42. Cute t-shirts
  43. Good eye shadow palette
  44. Toasted almond color neutrogena lip crayon
  45. Bralette
  46. Choker