Mommy Moment

The realization has come...
  1. The boys are grown, I have my own life for the first time in 20+ years and I am not quite sure what to do with it! I have spent every waking moment worrying, planning or working to give them everything they needed. Now I have to let them go and be everything I had hoped they would be. Now the question is how the hell do I do that?
    I don't know how to be anything else but their Mom... they have been my everything and still are in most ways. My legacy, everything else will fade or decay, but the lives they build will be my life's work. I want them to need me, but all that is left now is for them to want me. What a hard pill to swallow. I pray that they will be forever the men they are today. Wonderful, kind, respectful and loving is all I have ever wanted for them and every day hey make me proud. I miss them.