It's funny that sometimes we end up doing the very thing we were most afraid of, the thing we wanted to do all along.
  1. Veterinarian (age 3, in love with my cat)
  2. Book author (after I read my first book on my own, "Frog and Toad Are Friends")
  3. Writer of any sort (pre-teen, Judy Blume fan, obsessive diarist)
  4. Poet (teen years, all that angst)
  5. Journalist, poet & novelist (until someone told me I needed "something practical to fall back on" so I got scared and switched my major from English to Zoology)
  6. Biologist (did that for a bit)
  7. Biology teacher (did that for a bit)
  8. A journalist who uses her science background to feed her writing, a sometimes poet, aspiring novelist