Didn't bother to google the model numbers of any of these. Partially out of laziness & partially to maintain authenticity. I may have left a few out...
  1. The cute blue Nokia
    circa 2001? the mini-ish one that also came in red and a charcoal grey and was "so cool" and "so small" and had snake 2.
  2. LG flip phone
    it was silver & had this little rectangle screen on the front that told you who was calling or how many messages you had with a little letter envelope icon. this was a whole different league from Nokia. I was 15.
  3. Motorola Razor
    this was the skinniest phone ever, which was all it needed to be cool. I think it was senior year of high school (?) and it was a feat to be able to type t9 under your desk without even looking. I had a grey one and then a pink one.
  4. Palm Pilot?
    This happened for less than 24 hours before I realized I was not a CEO yet and returned it.
    A BEDAZZLED ONE. I never actually had one bc that just wasn't my thing but my best friend did and, like, it just deserves a shout out.
  6. Blackberry
    BBM. Was. Everything. I still kinda miss it - BBM names included sillysaltz, liLAy, lilsaltz, spanishsaltz (during my time abroad when I inspired all of my new friends to make their parents buy them blackberries in America & ship them to Spain), among others. Also i only lost 1 of them, but broke countless. Remember when those roller balls would stop working? My history of blackberries is probably its own, separate, intimate list.
  7. iPhone DUH
    I was a semi-late adopter bc I loved my blackberry so much, but i converted and this is now a lifetime partnership, clearly. I have two, which is fairly embarrassing, but is an authentic attempt to separate work & life like church & state.