for you, @Grosstastic Disclaimer: "organic" is a relative term bc it's a bit unregulated by the FDA in the beauty universe. when in doubt, buy everything by Eminence - serious crush on them right now.
  1. Super Sensitive Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Plus Sunscreen, California Baby
    SPF is the most important skincare step IMHO because it continues to protect your skin. Im insane & wear it everyday, even in the snow. This California Baby natural & vegan one is sort of self-explanatory:
  2. Earth Science Face Wash
    Discovered this in college & just re-purchased thanks to this list...2 kinds Im into -1) CLARIFYING FACIAL WASH is a staple that I love for combo skin - keeps acne away & doesn't dry you out at all + it smells delicious. ps @bjnovak you should get this one 2) A-D-E CREAMY CLEANSER is a gentle, moisturizing & mild cleanser that also smells great, but is gentler & recommend for dryer or more sensitive skin than the other one.
  3. Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser, Eminence
    per the list description, really into this brand right now...exfoliating cleanser isn't necessarily for everyday, but at least once a week (personally I use every few days but probably too much) to clean & remove dead skin cells/clear pores. this is my fave of their products so far -
  4. Clear Skin Pro Biotic Moisturizer, Eminence
    a simple, gentle moisturizer that won't clog pores. If this isn't the right formula, their website lets you search by skin type/problem-solution, which is a very helpful tool
  5. Serum, Earth Tu Face
    Blue Chamomile & Carrot Extract Serum is 💯 and/or try their Eye Repair Serum. Use before your moisturizer AM & PM - quick 411 on serums - they're small & strong aka more concentrated formulas packed w/active ingredients that are broken down into super small molecules to seep into your skin more quickly & easily than a moisturizer (which tends to be thicker & provide benefits including a protective layer for skin) -
  6. Echium & Aragon Eye Cream, Pai
    Okay so eye cream vs. moisturizer - long story short, you need both because the skin under/around your eyes is thinner & therefore more fragile & needs special love. Discovered this highly hydrating/organic eye cream on Into The Gloss
  7. The Blue Cocoon, May Lindstrom
    this (dare I say cult?) Beauty Balm is a 3-in-1 skin-smoother & calmer, eye shine & lip treatment. Yes, it's actually blue ? also helps protect skin + relieves irritation...Use after cleansing.➕ check out May Lindstrom Skin in general - they hand-blend their formulas from "sustainably harvested ingredients". Next on my list is their Honey Mud Mask & the Clean Dirt Cleansing Clay -
  8. Resurfacing Mask, Tata Harper
    Tata Harper's non-toxic, synthetic-free line has faves like the REJUVENATING SERUM, which is worth trying, but for purposes of this list, Im into the RESURFACING MASK which both hydrating & [+has pore minimizing claims] but basically use to refresh skin when you need a little love. Pomegranate, French Pink Clay & White Willow ingredients (my Mask list is in the works). Basically use this once a week - it's a fun sunday eve or monday AM ritual (embarrassing but true)
  9. Rosa Centifolia Express Makeup Remover, REN
    Hydrating, milky makeup remover for dryer skin. In general, REN uses as few synthetic ingredients as possible across their products - -
  10. Bare Naked Makeup Remover Wipes, Josie Maran
    a natural makeup remover wipe alternative if you prefer and/or for travel -