honestly why isn't there an avocado emoji. PS @acesalt this needs your contribution. I went a lil wild w the geo-tags & took this way too seriously.
  1. Cafe Gitane
  2. Commons, Chelsea
    my only issue is they put cumin on it. I have fought endlessly w the owner (who is a friend) and we have agreed to disagree.
  3. Two Hands
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  4. Joseph Leonard
    + Sriracha Brussel Sprouts 🙊
  5. Lily Saltz Special(s)
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    #ego? but, like, constantly evolving/perfecting recipes. lil obsessed.
  6. Pavilion Cafe
    this is only #6 because I remembered it late & didn't want to re-type #5 & #6. how feasible is editing the list order without over-complicating the interface? 😬 @bjnovak @dev