In honor of an evening here, where i went to school years ago. I really only miss the food. @groth what am I forgetting?
  1. Rick & Anne's
    brunch below the Claremont hotel.
  2. Gordo Taqueria
    zero frills california mexican - the best burritos with tortilla options ranging from flour to spinach, wheat and sundried tomatoes. They use a panini-like press to melt the cheese that's 💯 FYI this is the spot that Dos Toros in NYC modeled itself after
  3. Bakesale Betty
    Fried Chicken Sandwiches. I'm a vegetarian but I even know it's worth waiting in line for...technically in Oakland.
  4. Cheeseboard
    A co-op pizza place that serves daily pizza and salad - there's 1 kind everyday. It's almost always the best pizza you've had (sometimes just cheese, sometimes w surprising ingredients like corn & cilantro). There's always a line & seating is challenging but it's 💯💯💯 worth it. Do not miss it.
  5. Chez Panisse
    All I have to say is: Alice Waters. Make a reservation.
  6. Comal
    cute mexican place on Shattuck with good food & super cute places to hang + good drinks. The back patio is fun to hang & can accommodate big groups.
  7. Desco (Oakland)
    cute italian spot with rustic-y brooklyn meets larchmont feel. cute lights. the food wasn't amazing so maybe just come for a glass of wine and apps.
  8. Maple Street Denim
    not food but oakland is becoming "hip" & this spot was closed but looked cute enough i want to remember it so including it.
  9. Genovas Italian Deli- across from previously listed Bakesale Betty's on 51st street in North Oakland, one of the best sandwiches you'll ever have. Get the hot copa and artichoke salad. Mendocino mustard is a Bay Area treat, must.
    Suggested by @groth
  10. Top Dog-a Berkeley staple. Sausages of all sorts, drunk food at its finest. Stop by on a Saturday in fall when the mediocre golden bears are at home. It's famous because it's also really good. Know how to order.
    Suggested by @groth
  11. Gregoires- French comfort food take out of a small joint. Rich but delicious. Lotta cheese. Great potatoes.
    Suggested by @groth
  12. Ici Ice Cream- former pastry chef of Chez Panisse, lines are for a reason.
    Suggested by @groth
  13. Zachary's Pizza- deep deep dish. Great crust. Get the chicken and spinach, unreal good.
    Suggested by @groth
  14. Pizziolo
    Ex chez panisse chef. Great pizza. Secretly great continental breakfast. Next to bake sale Betty, also technically Oakland
    Suggested by @jdh
  15. Burma Superstar. The samosa soup is the best thing in the world.
    Suggested by @Aisha
  16. Also Homeroom. Both restaurants are in Oakland -- not that far!
    Suggested by @Aisha
  17. Kirala
    best sushi +robata. No reservations so be prepared to wait.
    Suggested by @jdh
  18. Udupi Palace
    Suggested by @molliekatzen
  19. Caffe Strada
    best espresso