oxymoron noted. suggestions welcome.
  1. Dos Toros
    SF/Berkeley inspired
  2. La Superior
  3. Caracas Arepa Bar (It's Venezuelan but so noms)
    Suggested by @madeline
  4. Barrio Chino
    This is where the "Cali" part of this list ends but v. into their tacos & margaritas
  5. La Esquina [Taco Stand]
    Okay yes it's overrated and not California at all, but it's also kind of the best & I can't hate avocado tacos (that deliver to the office). Also, downstairs, the green beans are the best thing on the menu.
  6. El Toro Blanco
    gets a shout out for guacamole & a respectable tequila menu only.
  7. Cafe El Portal
    Suggested by @LuBlodg