@zoe is my favorite on @list rn. sorry.
  1. Melissa at Joanna Vargas
    @zoe recommended on this app & I felt sort of creepy but tried it any way. I walked out of there w a new face mask + 2 more appointments + a new addiction - $$ that I am apparently way happier without.
  2. The Face Place
  3. Hillery Sklar at Miomia (Wburg)
    (Though I think they are closing, and she is relocating.) The space is nothing fancy, but her energy is amazing. She goes light on prods; only uses Mario Badescu. A+ soundtrack.
    Suggested by @vanessariegel
  4. Mario Badescu
    Suggested by @betsy
  5. Julia March, Isabelle Bellis, Nicole Paxson
    Suggested by @JR
  6. Kimara Ahnert
    Most thorough and talented staff. And in a space that looks like the most pristine yet inviting palace.
    Suggested by @allie