t-shirt & tank top are the same in my book.
  1. The Row
    This is serious t-shirt commitment bc they're so expensive. But this might actually be the perfect tee. And this is when we justify things with 'price per wear'
  2. LNA Desert Tee
    shoulder. I'm addicted.
  3. T by Alexander Wang Striped Tees
    The perfect striped tee. I own more of these than Im willing to admit & am usually wearing one. personally prefer the long sleeve to the "tee" but any cut works. And they make good boy ones too.
  4. Victoria Secret Vintage Tank
    Genuinely embarrassed to admit this but @hmerris introduced me to these and they're kind of the best. They're cheap and pill eventually, but perfect to layer & you can buy in bulk. Who knew VS had it in them?
  5. Jcrew Vintage V Necks
    also discovered when our office was too hot & @hmerris went & bought us t-shirts bc she's the best
  6. T by Alexander Wang Muscle Tank
    classic w pocket.