t-shirt & tank top are the same in my book.
  1. The Row
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    This is serious t-shirt commitment bc they're so expensive. But this might actually be the perfect tee. And this is when we justify things with 'price per wear' http://bit.ly/1C9XpYo
  2. LNA Desert Tee
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    shoulder. I'm addicted. http://bit.ly/1EDudsq
  3. T by Alexander Wang Striped Tees
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    The perfect striped tee. I own more of these than Im willing to admit & am usually wearing one. personally prefer the long sleeve to the "tee" but any cut works. And they make good boy ones too. http://bit.ly/1OOTftr
  4. Victoria Secret Vintage Tank
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    Genuinely embarrassed to admit this but @hmerris introduced me to these and they're kind of the best. They're cheap and pill eventually, but perfect to layer & you can buy in bulk. Who knew VS had it in them? http://bit.ly/1C9Xo6C
  5. Jcrew Vintage V Necks
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    also discovered when our office was too hot & @hmerris went & bought us t-shirts bc she's the best http://bit.ly/1C9SUNj
  6. T by Alexander Wang Muscle Tank
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    classic w pocket. http://bit.ly/1EDyf42