this is not a green list.
  1. Smart Water
    I don't care that this doesn't make me smarter. PS Can't hate a brand that appreciates Jennifer Aniston's hair.
  2. Poland Springs (w. the sports cap)
    Solid $1/bottle.
  3. Fiji
    143 the bottle.
  4. Volvic
    Only the medium short fat bottle. It's easy to carry around when you're realllly thirsty. Aquafina and desani should be on worst bottled water tasting list.
    Suggested by @aubrey
  5. Voss
  6. Dasani & Evian tie for worst
    They shouldn't even be on this list.
  7. Aquafina
    @sophia is right about this being the real worst even tho we disagree about Evian.