Requested by @dena
@dena I could make this list endless but it would be spring by the time I'd be done. @paigeyp please weigh in here thnx
  1. In the Lobby by Essie
    5bb2babb 0f88 480b a008 73a01249044e
    the perfect plum wine red.
  2. Plum Nior by Tom Ford
    590fde5f e389 4bea b0ee 8549822d0729
    Another perfect plum. Very similar to In the Lobby but with slightly more purple undertones (vs slightly more brown undertones of the former) so you probably don't need both for the $ unless you're hardcore about nail polish
  3. Greige by Bobbi Brown
    C2478301 b552 4f81 81f6 70734f9d181c
    yes I'm slightly biased bc I work here but that makes me a harsher critic - promise. This is the PERFECT grey. And just noticed it's already sold out on our website & this photo isn't doing it justice...
  4. Bell Bottom Blues by Essie
    142140e4 3ee9 49f2 b761 c27837beff60
    This image is slightly misleading (makes it look brighter than it is IRL), but I've been addicted as a "transitional" pedicure shade.
  5. RGB10 by RGB
    E5726a9c 7239 46d0 a5bc 43f1a0c79fe4
    A slightly girly pinkish neutral (that's vegan & gluten free in case you get hungry)