making this list, I realized I have a serious affinity for French candles. & that I could lead a candle tour around Paris (altho I already half took @larasaget & @aubrey on it). this is a WIP...
  1. Astier de Villatte
    These candles are each inspired by & named after a unique place that's meaningful to the brand founders of this boutique French ceramics brand. The scents are created exclusively with the masterminds behind Diptyque. If you're in Paris, check out the store (& also their brand video is amazing-Google it). My favorite candle was a limited edition done as a fundraiser for Yu Ai, but you can't go wrong w any of their inspired options//
  2. Nars, Jaipur
    if you didn't know Nars makes candles, you do now. get involved. All 3 of their candles are amazing but this one is the most special
  3. Costes, Brown
    firstly, you have to visit in person if you're in Paris. Costes fragrances are 💯. The Brown candle is Woody & gender-neutral & delicious, although they make a few others//
  4. Diptyque, Baies
    Parisian candle co that makes stunning fragrances & I'm into their store design. used to think it was too florally, but have discovered a few faves (like this warm berry scent) that make me understand why they are killing it in the candle biz
  5. Le Labo, Santal 25
    in case it's not apparent from other lists, I'm v. into Le Labo. While I prefer Rose fragrance & body wash personally, I'm into the Santal Candle, although can't go wrong with any of them, IMO. There's a $70 option in a glass jar thats 60 hrs of burn time & a $60 option in a "distressed tin" that's 50 hrs of burn time.
  6. Jonathan Adler, Grapefruit OR Champagne
    GRAPEFRUIT: a fresh, fruity, happy flavor - makes a perfect host gift// CHAMPAGNE: like this one more than the grapefruit. It smells vanilla-y to me -
  7. Tom Ford, Tobacco Vanille
    love the balance of tones in this. and also a bit more "masculine" with sweet hints (Im annoying myself writing this a little 🙈). can't find this online right now so Im hoping this isn't discontinued...
  8. Jo Malone, Pomegranate Noir
    this is fruity & floral without being too sweet. it makes your whole home smell like heaven. I also like Jo Malone's Red Roses candle
  9. Votivo, Red Currant
    Fact: if you google "red currant candle" this is the first thing that comes up. This is a classic & more budget friendly option than some of the others on this list
  10. Coqui Coqui, Tobacco
    smells like Tulum to me.