my list👇but all the friends on list app plz suggest.
  1. accept your homies for who they are
  2. be honest
    except don't be honest if you hate her bf/his gf that she's still in the honeymoon phase with because she won't be able to hear it. so just say nothing in that instance, which isn't lying.
  3. tell your homie if she has food in her teeth
    or something on her face or whatever. it's not a metaphor. or is it?
  4. listen
  5. Don't flake on plans if you get a better offer
    If it's REALLY a better offer (like Justin and Jessica just invited you to be godmother to their baby and the christening is the same day as your plans w your homie), be honest and say "here's the conflict, do you mind if we resked?"
    Suggested by @mandi