@keonovak @AliceWetterlund V1 was better.
  1. when your co-worker tells you about her yeast infection.
  2. when you can't sleep.
  3. when the washing machine always eats 1 of 2 socks.
  4. those aspca commercials.
    seriously, what's their media buy budget?
  5. pigeons
  6. stepping in gum.
  7. watching someone litter.
  8. when you cry at work even though you swore you'd never cry at work.
  9. when your friend gets too drunk & throws a fit in public.
    literally too old for that shit. can't.
  10. roaches.
    the pigeon of insects.
  11. stepping in pee.
    NYC. Literally everyday.
  12. when even your boss says, "this can't be our job," in response to an email you can't believe either.
    because it literally just can't.
  13. when you have anxiety about not sleeping.
  14. when you're too good at sleeping.
  15. allergies.
  16. stepping in one of those black ice puddles that looks like the sidewalk
    and you end up in ice water to the ankles. good thing you're wearing mix matched socks you can throw away.
  17. when you've never actually cried at work because you literally just can't.
  18. when you literally just can't can't.