in NYC sometimes you can't have your whole life w you at all times. definitely an incomplete list so suggestions v. welcome. PS I have issues w the word pretty but I'm using it any way & that's a separate list topic.
  1. DIY blotting papers
    use a toilet seat cover (UNUSED OBVI), same material.
  2. Lipstick ➡️ Blush & Eye Shadow (or liner)
    lightly dot lipstick where you'd put blush & blend. can use excess on your finger for lids. or Bobbi Brown makes a pot rogue, which is lip & cheek + mirror. I work for Bobbi Brown but this is not a sponsored post 😘
  3. Mascara ➡️ Eyeliner
    q tip (or liner brush) the mascara = DIY gel liner.
  4. Bronzer ➡️ Blush & Eye Shadow
    pretty self explanatory.
  5. Lip Gloss ➡️ Eye Shadow
    for a glossy lid effect. use sparingly. the clearer the formula the better and Vaseline works too, but it also removes makeup so be careful.
  6. Concealer = Foundation
    normally they're not interchangeable, but concealer can be used all over for spot coverage all over the face. foundation generally isn't best for under eye, but a stick foundation formula is your best bet for a multitasker.
  7. Face Moisturizer ➡️ Eye Makeup Remover
    just don't get it in your eyes.