in no particular order. except #1 is my ultimate. @paigeyp what did I forget here?
  1. Wicked
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    best dark red on everyone. OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is 2nd best dark color but that's another list.
  2. Ballet Slippers
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    best neutral pink. also, who doesn't want to be a ballerina?
  3. Playa del Platinum
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    you just have to try this one on. best almost-neutral almost-grey.
  4. Fiji
    69981 66e17368 4f7a 4766 83cd 0fe33ef6ac4c
    It's like a light pink, but full opaque coverage w/ a white base.
  5. Blanc
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    brightest whitest nails.
  6. Butler Please
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    tropical vacation pedicure perfection.
  7. Penny Talk
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    metallic neutral. looks weird in bottle but don't judge it.
  8. Really Red
    217381 8894b6a6 8054 4266 8441 06e4a83b4442
    best summer red.
  9. Turks & Caicos
    217391 54e515b7 c128 4b7f 83ab e3cdf3ba0f93
    best summer green
  10. Come Here!
    217411 105287f5 f190 4b52 840b 9a31600961ec
    coral/red/pink? just get a surprising amount of compliments w this one.
  11. After School Boy Blazer
    217421 08016cd1 a781 4e08 8b94 379a1aa7d465
    best v. dark blue.
  12. Marino Cool.
    798f9921 3cfb 4afa 8cdb 8fb6fad560a6
    Is it bruisey purple or is it grey? Is it a sweater or is it the chicest color ever?
    Suggested by @lilydiamond