literally didn't walk outside once. I spent the day w art & makeup & clothes 🙋 & @drawbertson
  1. found the best secret salad bar in NYC 💯💯💯
    It's in the Bergdorfs employee cafe, which is oddly open to the public on the 8th floor (sort of not really) if you know it exists. Regardless, new fave NY secret.
  2. people will buy anything that's merchandised properly.
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  3. literally anything.
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    including trash.
  4. they have an amazing window workshop that's basically like the backstage of a theater slash wood shop.
    they build props, design lights and store props. in the basement of the men's floor & on the 8th floor of the woman's floor. it's sort of heaven. and the people are really talented.
  5. hung out w the cutest toddlers ever.
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    there are 2 of these. this was not a lesson, but how cute?
  6. when you own every Chanel handbag, you can find new excuses to continue buying them.
    because someone will paint on it & that's reason enough.
  7. learned to price art at an epic new rate
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    100 pieces in 30 minutes ✔️
  8. communication is everything.
    every company could probably communicate better. I am reminded of this every time I work on a new project.