1. Make Lists
  2. Read
  3. Try to beat the system
    Tell the judge you can't be impartial because you were raised by a family of criminal lawyers & that if you were a lawyer, you wouldn't pick yourself for the case. Get kicked off of the case & get sent back to the jury room instead of get to go home because NY jury duty is more hardcore than California jury duty, no surprise there.
  4. Obsessively pace the court hallways for an outlet
    Aka become a whore for a charge
  5. Fall asleep in public
  6. Research best lunch spots in China Town
  7. Realize you can't beat the system aka Panic
    Back in the jury waiting room (aka windowless cage) you start to panic that the court reporter wrote your excuse down & that it will be held against you later in life in a court of law.
  8. Try to get some work done
  9. pray you make it to 3:15 without hearing your name called again
    🙏 for freedom