1. Severed Body Part Treats
    My favorite? Peanut butter filled eyeballs.
  2. It's ok to take candy from strangers
    A bloody finger for you, a gummy spider for you, ANOTHER Elsa? You get raisins.
  3. My skull obsession is finally on trend.
  4. Dead bodies in your front yard!
    My very favorite part of Halloween. Disturbing decor!
  5. Haunted Everything!
    Hayrides, hotels, mazes, trails...Take my money and scare the shit out of me please!!
  6. Tim Burton movies every night
  7. Oingo Boingo / Danny Elfman music all day
    a dead mans party? Who could ask for more?
  8. DRESS UP!
    Unleash your inner freak, weirdo, fairy, princess...Let that inner child out to play. You can be whatever you want, even if it's an axe murderer clown.