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Some words possess a little more pizazz than others, rolling off the tongue with the greatest of ease. I'm interested in expanding (and implementing) new words into my vocabulary. Any suggestions?
  1. Besotted
  2. Ubiquitous
  3. Scrumptious
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  1. Lincoln's Inquisition.
  2. The Fox.
  3. The Mountains are Calling.
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The forthcoming is a list of theories I have been developing since young adulthood. The expansion of said theories is hindered by my intellectual ineptitudes and inability to perform mental gymnastics in the areas of physics and mathematics. Suggestions are warmly welcomed.
  1. UFOs/extraterrestrials sightings are *really*
    time-traveling humans from the future who have come to the present to observe their prehistoric ancestors.
  2. The planet earth...
    is *actually* a giant cell, where the components of the earth (i.e. humans, cars, water, etc,) parallel the components of what we know as cells (i.e. ribosomes, mitochondria, chloroplasts, etc.).
  3. Dreams are...
    your authentic life. Your seemingly "waking" life is the dream. Get it?
    @savannahstutzman I'm curious as to your perspective on the "spirit world." Although I have many theories, my reigning hypothesis centers around a blurring - or rather overlapping - of time realms and dimensions. Discuss.
I am inclined to postpone the urge until the end of time, simply to avoid using public restrooms.(A short, yet non-exhaustive list from the female perspective.)
  1. Smells.
  2. Depleted toilet paper roll.
    The task is nearly complete, you reach for the toilet paper. NONE. Surely there's something in here, right? A spare roll, perhaps, lodged in the mechanism. You fumble around frantically for the tiniest shred of tissue....gazing up into the empty caverns of the dispenser. Nothing still. A feeling of utter....hopelessness and desperation.
  3. One-holers.
    Nothing can more alarming than waiting in the middle a one-holer line and having to immediately take over the stall upon its vacancy. Reasoning: a) Unless the previous user is an amphibian, the seat is still warm; and b) please reference number "1" of the list entitled "smells."
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